Top 5 Tips And Tricks To Stimulate Your Beard Growth Faster and Healthier

The Ultimate Guide On How To Grow Facial Hair With Beard Oil

Every non-bearded man or patchy bearded man has once wondered how the bearded men grow and stimulate their facial hair.

You will see them asking questions like; “Is there a way to grow your beard faster?”
Before you know it, they’ll quickly start looking for info and articles online about facial hair stimulation and beard growing tips. But this article is a bit different from all those news articles you see often online.
In this piece, I’m writing from my personal experience as a bearded man.
When I turned 25, I decided to grow my facial hairs. I started with no shaving for two months, which gave me a not-so impressive thin mustache, and some patchy beard on my chin. The total facial hair on my cheeks and sideburn area was very much countable.
However, my journey to be a bearded man started paying off when I started the following personal practices:
Do you know that your body’s largest organ is your skin?
The skin has many vital roles to play in the body, which one of it is enhancing hair growth. So, with such in mind, effective care should be given to our skin for fuller beard growth.
Cultivate the healthy habit of exfoliating your face to free hair follicles of dirt that hamper facial hair growth. You can gently massage your face with your fingertips for about two to four minutes to help stimulate your hair follicles. With a nice facial moisturizer, you will create a smoother massage.

What you eat is also very important in this bearded journey, because it affects all aspect of your physical well-being. Pay attention to your diet and incorporate those nutrients and vitamins that promote healthy skin and hair growth in your meals.

Eat foods with vitamin A content like; meat, eggs, liver, carrots, pumpkin, leafy vegetables and broccoli. Vitamin A stimulates and enhances the production of sebum that keeps your skin hydrated.
Not forgetting vitamin E, which is the known key for healthy skin. It promotes proper circulation of blood flow, which in turn enhances an optimal environment for hair growth. To get the best of vitamin E, you should eat foods like nuts, leafy vegetables, beans and oils.
You need to program your body for more rest. Get plenty of sleep to enable your body grow, repair and function properly. As an adult, you need minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Having a regular and adequate sleep is great for your overall being.
Do you know that hair loss is one of the noted side effects of stress? I bet you never considered that! Avoiding stressful situations and looking for possible ways to relax will help your bearded journey. Device possible ways to always ease your body of oxidative stress; you can talk to a friend or family.
Always bear in mind the several in and out deep breaths, whenever you encounter stressful situations; such will definitely calm your heart rate and clear your mind too.
You equally need to apply patience because not everyone’s facial hair grows at same rate, forget worrying and focus on other useful activities.
Start Using Beard Oil
This is the most crucial part of your bearded journey. beard oil was the product I used that gave me a jaw-dropping result in a short range.
It contains moisturizing properties that acts as a styling agent. It works by hydrating your facial hair and the skin underneath. Not equally forgetting the sweet different scent that comes along with it.
Beard oil will clean your pores for easy absorption of the product. You can use it right after morning and night shower. It keeps the facial hair clean and gives you that bearded handsome look. It makes your facial hair strong and smelling fresh.
It stimulates beard growth and remains the most trusted solution for the care of your beard.